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Nathalie Gaus, who was born in Berlin, is a German reality-tv participant. She is in a relation ship with Cosimo Citiolo, who is known from DSDS, and part of the 7. season of Sommerhaus der Stars, a German reality show aired on RTL.


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The Sommerhaus der Stars 2022

The Sommerhaus der Stars 2022
Table of Contents:Four candidates are yet to move inThese are the candidates of Sommerhaus der Stars 2022Who will get the prize money and the title?Finally it's that time of the year again: The summer house of the stars 2022 is running on RTL and thus goes into a 7th season. For more than 2 weeks, RTL+ viewers have been able to see eight well known couples in a villa and get to know the celebrities from their real side. Why do so many celebs move into the villa? A total of 8 prominent figures from

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