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Nora Tschirner
Date of birth
Jun 12, 1981  (43 Years)
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Nora Tschirner, born on June 12, 1981, in East Berlin, is a talented German actress known for her acting prowess and charisma. She embarked on her career in theater before making a mark in films and television. Particularly noteworthy are her performances in the movies "Keinohrhasen" from 2007 and "Gut gegen Nordwind" from 2019.
In "Keinohrhasen," Tschirner portrayed a journalist and captivated the audience not only with her acting presence but also with her willingness to appear nude for the role. This scene sparked controversy but also showcased her dedication to her craft. Similarly, she appeared in "Gut gegen Nordwind," an adaptation of the novel of the same name, where she portrayed an intense long-distance relationship, including intimate moments.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Tschirner is known for her private, reserved life. She shields her personal sphere from the public eye, contributing to her authenticity and her focus on acting. Apart from her acting work, she is also involved in voice acting and hosting, demonstrating her versatility. Nora Tschirner remains an outstanding figure in the German entertainment industry, impressing with her acting talent and commitment.


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