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Date of birth
Feb 8, 2004  (20 Years)
Sign of the zodiac
Social media
Instagram Snapchat Youtube

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Born on February 8, 2004, in Berlin, Leonie, popularly known as "Leoobalys," has risen to prominence as a social media influencer. With a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, she has captivated a global audience by sharing her life experiences and adventures.

Leoobalys gained further recognition through her appearance in a Netflix documentary where she candidly discusses the challenges and rewards of life as an influencer. Her journey reflects the power of social media in the modern era, connecting her with a diverse and dedicated following.

As she continues to navigate the dynamic world of social media, Leoobalys remains an intriguing figure, offering insights into the ever-evolving landscape of influencer culture. Her story serves as a testament to the impact and influence of the digital age, leaving a lasting impression on those who follow her online journey.


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