Celebs by profession: Social Media

The profession of a social media star is quite new. For the past few years, mostly young people are using YouTube to reach out to people all over the world. For their fans they become celebrities, who are also holding autograph sessions. Especially the so called millennial-generation is looking up to social media stars and is buying their merchandise.
So called Influencers are active on Facebooks platform Instagram for some time. There are mostly women who are posting sexually explicit nude pictures in order to become more famous and get more followers. In addition to that, there are also social media stars who are blogging about food or other aspects of their lives. Selena Gomez e.g. used this way to get 138 million followers on Instagram.

Almost every celeb is active on Instagram

In addition to classical social media stars like Sophia Thiel or Bianca Heinicke there are also stars, which were famous before their career on the World Wide Web. Especially Kim Kardashian and her family expanded their reach by using Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms.
Her half-sister Kendall Jenner reportedly received a six-figured dollar amount for a sexy photo shooting in Calvin Klein underwear, she is also called the queen of Snapchat.

Nowadays nearly every celebrity who wants to keep up with the time is active on the most common social media platforms. Most of the time the celebrity’s accounts are handled by agencies, which are publishing posts in different languages. Using social media platforms enables celebrities to stay in contact with their fans and gives them a new income source.