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Liv Tyler
Date of birth
Jul 1, 1977  (47 Years)
United StatesUnited States
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Liv Tyler, born Liv Rundgren Tyler on July 1, 1977, in New York City, is a renowned American actress and former model. She hails from a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry, with her father being legendary Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and her mother, Bebe Buell, a successful model and singer. Liv's unique blend of beauty and talent has propelled her to stardom over the years.
In the 2011 film "The Ledge" Liv Tyler's performance garnered attention for its intensity and emotional depth rather than any nude scenes. The film explored complex themes of faith and morality, with Liv portraying Shauna, a troubled woman trapped in a love triangle. Her portrayal of the character was both sensitive and compelling, showcasing her acting prowess and ability to delve into challenging roles.
Liv Tyler has always been relatively private about her personal life. She has been romantically linked to several high-profile figures over the years, including Joaquin Phoenix and Royston Langdon, with whom she was married and shares a child. Liv has consistently prioritized her family and children, and her commitment to maintaining a balanced life between her career and personal life is commendable.


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