The Sommerhaus der Stars 2022

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Four candidates are yet to move in
These are the candidates of Sommerhaus der Stars 2022
Who will get the prize money and the title?

Finally it's that time of the year again: The summer house of the stars 2022 is running on RTL and thus goes into a 7th season. For more than 2 weeks, RTL+ viewers have been able to see eight well known couples in a villa and get to know the celebrities from their real side. Why do so many celebs move into the villa? A total of 8 prominent figures from the German reality landscape will be drawn into the summer house of the stars and, together with their partners, will fight for prize money totaling 50,000 euros.

RTL+ subscribers can enjoy the current episode a week in advance and experience their stars like never before! The celebrities face tough challenges, fun games or interesting quizzes and not only put their integrity and team spirit to the test, but even the strength of their relationship. In the end, it's all about incredible prize money totaling 50,000 euros and of course the title "Celebrity Couple of the Year 2022". We already know from the previous year 2021 that it is not easy for celebrity couples to emerge as the winning couple in the end. But which candidates will move up to the villa?

The broadcaster RTL has not yet officially confirmed this, but we would like to give you a little insight. Austrian fitness model and Onlyfans star Vanessa Mariposa (29) made her TV debut on Ex on the Beach and may be moving into the stars' summer home under her stage name Mariposa. It could then be really hot with Diogo Sangre (27 years old), because he is known as a seducer and was first seen in Temptation Island. Together with his Vanessa he has also been seen in other formats.
The other celebrity couple could be Marco Cerullo (age 33) and Christina Grass (age 33). They met each other at Bachelor in Paradise and could really heat up the celebrities in Villa this year. Marco was even in the jungle camp in 2020 and is therefore a real reality celebrity.

These are the candidates of Sommerhaus der Stars 2022

We will now introduce you to all the couples who have been there from the start and are fighting for victory in the summer house! Who do you think will win in the end?
The actor Stephen Dürr (47 years old) and his wife Katharina (39 years old) are the first ones. Stephen became known for his strong roles in the RTL soap "Unter Uns" or "In aller Hoffnung". After he landed a role in the TV runner "Alles, was zählt", he retired from TV life to be able to spend more time with his wife Katharina. Their happiness in love has been perfect since 2010, because they had twins and were able to start as full-time parents. 

Have you always loved DSDS? Then you will look forward to this cult star

Cosimo Citiolo (41 years old) doesn't tell you anything? Sure, because he is better known as the "Checker vom Neckar", who moves in with his wife Nathalie Gaus (31 years) to the show. Both where part of the show from day one and are supposed to cause a lot of hustle and bustle with the other celebrities. Nathalie has been at his side for 2 years and we are curious to see if the relationship will survive the summer house or whether small crises are inevitable.

A real football and cult legend is part of the summer house!

Give it up for Mario Basler (53 years old) who is moving into the villa with his wife Doris Büld (46 years old). Basler is a real football legend! He has played for a wide variety of clubs in his long career and was even been part of the FC Bayern Munich squad at the end. It's not the first TV appearance for the Dream Team. In 2015 the two stepped across the dance floor in "Stepping Out". Mario lures many football fans in front of the screens and is a real hit guarantor - will their relationships withstand the intrigues and fake games in the summer house? We are curious.

Cult YouTube couple brings atmosphere into the house

Lisa Weinberger (24 years old) and her boyfriend Marcel Dähne (28 years old) are moving into the villa together and hopefully provide a decent momentum. The couple is active together on YouTube and as "KsFreakWhatElse" they have a large fan base with over 2 million subscribers. When his YouTube channel really went through the roof, he decided to drop out of school and really get started with vlogs and pranks. Also arrived in the hip-hop business, Marcel even makes rap music and thus ensures a chilled atmosphere in the villa.

Coach and soccer all-star with real Bundesliga history takes on Basler

Sascha Mölders (37 years old) and his wife Yvonne (42 years old) are also part of the show, with the intention to challenge the other couples. Sascha wrote real football history when he scored the first Bundesliga goal for FC Augsburg! In addition to his playing career, he was even been a coach, thus he can also take the helm. We're excited for the couple's TV debut as neither has been in the spotlight before. With a total of 4 children, the two are used to the hustle and bustle and are therefore hot candidates for the victory in "Das Sommerhaus der Stars 2022".

TV legend and reality queen Kader Loth back in the house!

Couple beef is inevitable here, because Kader Loth (49 years old) and her Ismet Atli (51 years old) are moving into the villa and are already having doubts about their relationship. Will time in the summer house heal old wounds and lead to happiness in love or is a total catastrophe inevitable? Kader is looking forward to the big TV community and another adventure in the limelight. As a reality veteran, she's used to it, having made her debut on the fifth season of the TV show Big Brother. She is known for her honest and direct manner and will cause quite a stir among the stars. We are very excited to see how our TV legend Kader Loth will show up in the summer house and whether their love can be rekindled.
Did you know that Kader Loth took nude photos for the Playboy when she was young?

Grandson of the former East German People's Chamber President in the villa

Katharina Hambuechen (27 years old) is the beautiful woman at the side of cool Eric Sindermann (33 years old), who not only stands out because of his unusual, colorful style of clothing. Eric has already been seen in the legendary "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2021 and now moves to the summer house with Kathi. Neither of them are quiet fellows and they know how to really go for it! Eric could also be described as a real party machine who could really heat up the pack or cause serious conflicts with our celebrity couples. Will the two secure the prize money and the title "The Celebrity Couple 2022"? 

Only met at Bauer sucht Frau in 2020 and already has cult status!

Antonia Hemmer (22 years old) met her farmer Patrick Romer (26 years old) during the pandemic in 2020 on the TV format "Bauer sucht Frau". Not only on Patrick's farm the two are a real dream team, but also on reality TV. Romer grew up with his family on a farm in Constance, where he passionately takes care of the farm and his family's 30 cattle. Together, the two have already taken part in the "Couple Challenge" format and mastered major challenges. Now the two want to face the summer house and proof that great love can do anything!

Who will get the prize money and the title? Great challenges and gross games await our beloved celebs! 

The last season of Das Sommerhauses der Stars showed us that the games and challenges are really tough! According to Mike Cees Monballin (33), the most violent game in celebrity history was the "Paarwash". This game pushed the then remaining celebrity couples to their limits, because the they had to wash a dirty car at dizzying heights. The summer house macho Mike let his wife Michelle do the scrubbing, because he just didn't feel comfortable with the height! Even now, our celebs face the craziest challenges every day and prove they can do anything as a couple to win the title and the prize money. Fans are more likely to get insights on RTL+ or a week later in the regular TV broadcast.

Big couple Zoff at Kader, Cosimo makes a fool of himself and lots of action!

It's already hot in the first episodes! Das Sommerhaus der Stars contestant Cosimo is embarrassed because he can't solve the dirty letter puzzle "Paar Wash". In the third episode (September 11), Cosimo and his girlfriend are shocked at the sight of the lifted car "Hey, that's a nightmare!". The two TV stars then went up high and were supposed to clean the car with tiny little sponges in order to scrub the solution word free. But the former DSDS candidate was unable to guess the solution word and Bauer sucht Frau Star has already recognized it: It is the word "affection".
RTL keeps to itself what tests and challenges are still waiting for our stars. We are excited and look forward to being able to tell you about the next episodes.