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Ivonne Mölders is a German reality-tv participant and players wife. She was born on November 13, 1979 and is married to former soccer player Sascha Mölders, better known as "Die Wampe von Giesing".
Ivonne and his husband have given their reality-tv debut during the 2022 season of Das Sommerhaus der Stars.


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The Sommerhaus der Stars 2022

The Sommerhaus der Stars 2022
Table of Contents:Four candidates are yet to move inThese are the candidates of Sommerhaus der Stars 2022Who will get the prize money and the title?Finally it's that time of the year again: The summer house of the stars 2022 is running on RTL and thus goes into a 7th season. For more than 2 weeks, RTL+ viewers have been able to see eight well known couples in a villa and get to know the celebrities from their real side. Why do so many celebs move into the villa? A total of 8 prominent figures from

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