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Sarah Natalie Elizabeth Hurley, commonly known as Elizabeth Hurley, was born on June 10, 1965, in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. She is a versatile British actress and model who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry.
Hurley's first steps in the acting world began in the late 1980s when she appeared in various British television productions. One of her notable early roles was in the film "Aria" (1987), where she portrayed Marietta, a seductive femme fatale. This marked her initial foray into the world of cinema and showcased her potential as an actress.

In the film "Rowing with the Wind" (1987), Hurley had a nude scene that garnered attention and controversy. Her portrayal of Claire Clairmont, the mistress of poet Lord Byron, showcased her daring and willingness to take on challenging roles. The scene demonstrated her commitment to her craft and further established her as a bold and talented actress.
In the television series "The Royals" (2015-2018), Hurley played the role of Queen Helena, the matriarch of a fictional modern-day British royal family. The show explored the scandalous and extravagant lives of the royals, and Hurley's portrayal of Queen Helena was a standout. The series included several sex scenes involving her character, which added to the provocative and dramatic nature of the show.

In her private life, Elizabeth Hurley has been in the public eye due to her high-profile relationships and personal endeavors. She was famously involved with actor Hugh Grant in the 1990s and later had relationships with businessman Steve Bing and cricketer Shane Warne. Hurley has a son named Damian, whom she had with Steve Bing.
Additionally, Hurley has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors and has used her platform to raise awareness for breast cancer research. She is an ambassador for the Estée Lauder Companies' Breast Cancer Campaign and has actively supported charitable organizations throughout her career.


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