Celebs by profession: Musician

A musician is a person who has been or currently is earning his/her money by producing different forms of music. A lot of people wo are more or less famous are calling themselves musicians, cause the complexity of the music industry allows many ways to earn money with music.

Playboy model Micaela Schaefer e.g. is calling herself a DJane cause she is half naked while putting on tracks in night clubs. Even actors like Will Smith or Oliver Pocher are producing music every now and then. Boybands like the Backstreet Boys or Girlbands like the Pussycat Dolls are idols to their generations.

Sexiest musicians

Only a few stars can permanently live of their music. Most of the musicians have a few successful years and try to stay in the show business by attending TV-shows or being part of reality shows such as Big Brother.
Some world stars like Taylor Swift e.g. earn millions with selling albums and performing concerts. The most famous tracks stay famous after the death of the artist(s). Musician is one of very few occupation groups that enable people to reach timeless success.

Most musicians also try to become actors, authors or models. Being successful as a musician can also have a downside. Most musicians end up becoming drug addicts or alcoholics, if they don’t become successful.